As a political outsider

and a blue-collar citizen, Scott Shehan brings a fresh perspective to the table. Scott understands the challenges
faced by hardworking individuals and families in Gaston County and is

committed to representing their best interests as Commissioner.


Scott is dedicated to being an authentic voice for the people of Gaston County, someone who can relate to citizens from all walks of life — a dedicated and passionate lifetime resident of Gaston County. Born and raised in this community, he understands the values and concerns of its hardworking citizens.

Scott Shehan


Join Scott Shehan’s campaign today and support a political outsider who will bring a relatable perspective to Gaston County, advocating for the needs and values of its citizens at every step of the way.


The important topics that matter to the residents of Gaston County. Scott Shehan, a candidate with a fresh perspective and a commitment to positive change, is here to address these issues head-on. With a focus on public safety, smart growth, and fiscal responsibility, Scott’s platform aims to uplift Gaston County and ensure a prosperous future for all.


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Scott Shehan